Artez Euskara Zerbitzua - Introduction

Erein, eragin eta egin, Ereagin

The team at ARTEZ Euskara Zerbitzua works as a language consultancy, with wide-ranging experience of bringing Basque into the workplace, developing and managing plans for companies and institutions. Over 20 years in the sector give credence to the excellent results of this dedicated, dynamic team which is always keen to face new challenges.

Every new project renews our interest and gives ARTEZ the opportunity to do even better.

And all of this in Basque, because Basque makes us and our clients do things better. Our experience, gathered from years of developing standardisation plans, has shown us that language management improves a company's image and has positive repercussions in every sphere.

Why choose Artez Euskara Zerbitzua?

  • Because we are experienced and we are experts in what we do
  • Because we draw up plans adapted to the needs of each client
  • Because we make things easier
  • Because we believe in what we do
  • Because we work together with the client
  • Because we work on being creative and applying it well
  • Because we help our clients attain Basque certification
  • Because we create our own resources to develop the task in hand

Our team

We are a team of professionals, committed to the Basque language and to innovation.

Our goal is to create a shared project, both internally and with the client. Artez is an organisation based on team-work.

Hemos configurado en Artez una organización basada en el trabajo de equipo.

The multi-disciplinary team at Artez is able to respond to and assess each and every aspect of the language plan. We are qualified professionals from a range of fields: Sociology, Modern languages, Economics, Law, Comunication, Educación, ...

Artez, heading for Equality!

Our 2015-2019 Plan for Equality between Men and Women is underway!

In ARTEZ, Equality is one of the most important values in our in-house guidelines, where we have set out a firm policy of conciliation and innovative people management.Since 2015 we have been working on a project for equality between men and women by designing an action plan for the coming years with the participation of our staff and the support and know-how of MURGIBE.

We are concentrating on 4 areas. Firstly, we are promoting the culture of equality between men and women, thereby strengthening our commitment to gender parity. Secondly, we are introducing a gender perspective into our people management processes. This has meant establishing equality criteria in areas including the hiring, promotion and training processes, occupational health and occupational risk prevention, as well as areas relevant to reconciling a work-life balance.

We are also introducing equality criteria into our services and aim to assess the level of gender perspective inherent in certain services offered by Artez in order to align our proposals to this end.

We have agreed on a specific protocol to prevent and deal with sexual harassment and gender harassment in the workplace.

Finally, we are working on improving the parity of our communication. In this respect, we are putting together a protocol or style guide in order to further our use of the language and images of equality. In conjunction with the launch of the Equality Plan, we will be echoing the management of Artez's commitment to Equality.

In order to achieve these goals, we have set up an Equality Team because we are convinced that EQUALITY IS BUILT between all of us. We are clear about our goal and for this reason, and to involve society in our responsibilities, we are working to become one of the Basque Government and Emakunde's Collaborative Organisations for the Equality between Men and Women.

Ereagin Project

In 2009 we set up a people-based project which has been decisive in transforming Artez. We called the project Ereagin: combining erein (to sow), eragin (to impact) and egin (to do). These three actions combine to reflect what we are - three attitudes which serve to define our identity and way of approaching life and work.

Thanks to the structure based on a new organisational model, on autonomy and responsibility, we can fully develop the potential of each member of the team. This is a team excited by new challenges.

new dynamics

A look at our history

ARTEZ Euskara Zerbitzua came into being in the 90s when the first moves into the development of language consultancy and the creation of Basque language plans began to take shape.
One of the most important milestones in our history was in 1998 when we changed our business structure to consolidate ourselves as a cooperative. This change meant a significant improvement in personnel management, and is still as important today as it was then.

This improvement has borne fruit both internally and in the results and satisfaction of our clients.


In Artez we are committed to our project, our language and our surroundings.

We also participate in other projeccts by offering our help and expertise: Kontseilua, Bai Euskarari Ziurtagiriaren Elkartea, Soziolinguistika Klusterra, Federación de Cooperativas de Euskadi (Erkide) (Federation of Basque Cooperatives), Innobasque, Langune etc.

Consejo de los Organismos Sociales del Euskara
Bai Euskarari
Soziolinguistika klusterra