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Text design and integrated management

The team of translators at Artez not only translates but also drafts and creates texts according to the needs of the client. For example, we produce forms which are clear and easy to fill out (in both Basque and Spanish), by organising information according to its importance, summarising it and making it more intelligible to the target reader.

Often though, mere translation is not enough. Creativity is called for in slogans, advertising or aesthetic texts. Our work goes beyond the word-for-word translation.

We offer total flexibility. Contact us if you need any kind of text translated, improved, corrected or composed, tell us what you need and we can help.

We are specialists in translations from and to Basque and Spanish, but we also work with other


Direct, precise and dynamic

Making the most of the advantages offered by New Technologies, we generate digital content for online training which is specifically adapted to our customers' needs and fully personalised.

We seek to foster proactive and dynamic training, which is why we design and develop content in a range of different formats:

  • Audiovisual: 2D animations, webinars, recordings of different processes, video-tutorials, etc.
  • Interactive
  • Html-based
  • Infographics
  • Etc.

We design all our content with the aim of ensuring and facilitating the acquisition of knowledge by participants.

All online training content generated is uploaded to our Training Platform, so that it is always available to participants.

One of the main advantages of the online format is the freedom it offers: users can choose when and from where to access the course, how much time they wish to dedicate to each session and to what extent they wish to participate, etc.

Our digital contents can also be used as complements for more traditional classroom-based courses and seminars.

Depending on our customers' individual needs, we develop two types of content:

  • Instruction: This type of content focuses on training people in one particular field or area.
  • Awareness-raising: This type of content aims to foster people's motivation and commitment.

Digital pills

Digital pills are a certain type of online content that we develop for either instruction or awareness-raising purposes.

The digital content contained in each 'pill' is short and very precise. We design them with the aim of facilitating the training/awareness-raising process, since they are like small capsules of digital content that can be viewed anywhere, any time.

Our content is compatible with all digital devices. Given that our principal aim is to ensure availability, we implement and send our content through the media that, today, are a common presence in our everyday lives: WhatsApp, e-mail, online platforms, etc.

Web page design and development

We offer a service creating web pages, beginning with the initial design and including programming, creating and editing content and managing the language, and delivering a worry-free "turnkey" product.

Tell us about the sort of page you have in mind and we will draw it up.

Innovation and Basque

Innovation is an integral part of Artez…our innovation team has already created several socially useful projects, many of which have been uploaded to Internet.

This is an app for mobiles and tablets designed to help write your shopping list in Basque. You can download it from Google Play.
herrizki app
herrizki app
Herrizki is an application to promote the local language, in particular from Busturialdea. It’s aim is to know the local language in depth by different games. It can be downloaded from the website or from Google play.
This is a web developed by Artez which offers help to Basque-speakers wanting to live and communicate in the language. If you would like to change or adapt the language you speak, can help you.
This page has links to every Basque dictionary on the net. In addition to the Spanish-Basque search engine, it also has access to 180 reference dictionaries: synonyms, local dictionaries, encyclopaedia, etc.
Hamaika dok
Here you can find a selection of resources to help with day-to-day life in Basque - all types of document, advice and tips and Basque trivia among other things.
euskaldunon gida

In you will find a list of 31,400 trades and professions offering their services in Basque - including shops, businesses and institutions.


This is an application designed to manage Basque-language plans. It allows for the centralised management of all of the phases and sections inherent in the process: diagnosing each entity and monitoring and evaluating the plan. The application also offers the possibility of managing translations, consulting databases and dictionaries or responding to enquiries made via the same platform.